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As a specialist, you require financial solutions adapted to your development strategy and matching the evolution of your equipment. mdl enables a greater control over costs and a security in investment planning: Operational leasing is the answer to both the constant innovations in MedTech equipment and to your budgetary constraints.

We finance equipment in the following fields:

  • Gastrology: endoscopy towers
  • Gynecology: mammography equipment, ultrasounds
  • Cardiology/angiology: Cardangio systems, CT multislice, ultrasounds
  • Neurosurgery: MRI, navigation systems, endoscopy towers
  • Nuclear Medicine: PET Scan
  • Orthopedics: CT multislice, navigation systems, endoscopy towers
  • Radio oncology: Linear Accelerator (LINAC), PET scan
  • Urology/nephrology: Lithotriptor, Da Vinci surgical system