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Operational leasing mdl: a financial solution dedicated to your development strategy

Leasing is a method of financing based on the usage, and not on the possession of equipment. It is also a financial tool which permits you to adopt a genuine investment policy in line with your development strategy.

mdl's leasing concept facilitates:

  • the renewal of your material with flexibility, speed and cutting-edge equipment specific to your requirements
  • skilled control of your costs and investments
  • the lightening of your financial load by controlling the flux of funds and the depreciation of equipment

Cutting-edge technologies are investing more and more in the medical and biotechnology sectors. High-tech equipment is susceptible to constant evolution and therefore strong depreciation.

mdl will advise you on the evolution, renewal, upgrade or modification of all or part of your equipment.

mdl's proposal is based around two axes:

  • "Pay As You Earn" where your investments are no longer financed through generated profits but through the savings you make
  • "Cost Per Use" where you only pay for actual usage of the equipment

Operational leasing: a solution at the cutting-edge of technological progress

Operational leasing enables you to acknowledge the demands of medical and biotech specialists, patients and financial constraints while at the same time avoiding an irreversible commitment to equipment which could rapidly prove to be obsolete and therefore costly. Throughout the duration of your contract with mdl you will have the option of modifying as you please all or part of the equipment leased, without penalty.
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