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mdl responds to the needs of the biotechnology domain

In addressing the technological needs of a domain as diverse as biotechnology (implying branches as varied as chemistry, environmental waste, pharmacology, etc…), we apply our expertise to four main fields of practice:
  • «Red» Biotechnology – comprising medical and health products.
  • «Green» Biotechnology – as used in agronomy and food products.
  • «White» Biotechnology – replacing chemical industrial processes with biological processes.
  • «Grey» Biotechnology – specialising in applications concerning the environment and waste management.

A range of specific products and services

mdl offers a range of products and services fulfilling the requirements of various researchers in the diverse fields of biotechnology.
  • Biolease : finance of different equipment and technologies under a contract which respects your budgetary constraints
  • Backlease : the sale and lease-back of your equipment allowing you to conserve the flexibility of our innovative contracts; a classic procedure in a biotechnology firm wishing to prepare for its IPO
  • Technolease : finance of your projects combining the use of diverse equipment under varying repayment plans.